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If you’re looking for more than just translation, Services linguistiques SaCaMo also offers three types of editing: comparative editing, text editing and proofreading.

Comparative Editing

This consists of comparing a translation to its original text to identify any errors or oversights as well as to validate the translator’s interpretation and to align both versions. If you already have a text that’s been translated and want to validate its quality, then Services linguistiques SaCaMo can review the translation against the original to confirm its authenticity.

Text Editing

This involves reviewing a document in order to identify any linguistics errors (grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) and content errors (repetition, omission, inconsistency). This does not involve comparing a translation to its original text. If you have a document you want us to look at to make sure it’s perfect, then text editing is the service you should inquire about.


This is the last step of text editing and involves spotting any typos (typographical errors, etc.) that remain in the document. This step is accomplished once the text has been set in its layout. Please feel free to send us your layouts, and we will make sure everything is in order.
Services linguistiques SaCaMo offers translation services from English to French...
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Services linguistiques SaCaMo offers three types of editing: comparative editing, text editing and proofreading...
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Services linguistiques SaCaMo offers transcription services of audio and video files, in English or French...
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